Great news! All 57 chapters of Dark Farm are now available to read here.

“Flesh that is yours shall Z’garh Khrl’ur bestow. Inside you Kragn dwells, and to Kragn shall you return.”

A family of campers has been slaughtered, and Sam Morgan from the National Security Office is scouring the Six Hills for the killers.

In nearby Quorn, Kane Gates struggles to come to terms with his own family tragedy. And now he has to battle the sinister Wilfred Waite, who is bent on corrupting his brother and unleashing hell on earth.

When research assistant Arika Livingston appears in Quorn to investigate reports of a dragon attack, Kane finds himself with a valuable ally. But what is Arika’s real agenda? And what is her connection to Sam Morgan and the Dark farm?

The horrors lurking beneath the Dark farm will threaten the future of the brothers and begin a chain of events that may lead to the annihilation of existence itself.

Dark Farm is the first book in the Bringer of the Dark trilogy. As its star heats up and its planet begins to burn, the primordial Z’garh Khrl’ur plots its escape to Earth. It has help from ancient cults, opposed for centuries by the might of a supernatural society, and now new and unlikely heroes are emerging to lead the final battle.

The second instalment in the trilogy, Kragn Rises, is currently in production.


Read the first chapter, The buzzard here.

Sam Morgan, Director of Strategic Capability at the National Security Office, is on his way to a slaughter. What he finds in and around the blood-soaked tent is only the beginning of the horrors to come. Down by the river are the perpetrators of this gruesome crime – and they’re not exactly what you would call human.

All other chapters are available to read here.

Chapter notes

For those interested in the craft of writing, I’ll be doing chapter notes for each chapter, explaining my technique, thought processes, and any other little quirks you may not notice on first reading. Here are chapter notes for 1: The buzzard.

Other chapter notes can be found here.

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