A writer’s tale … 6 weeks in

In my last post I wrote about five key benefits I’d experienced one month in from starting intermittent fasting.

These gains have continued over the past 2 weeks, and if anything, have become more noticeable … probably because I feel them more consistently. They’re becoming the new normal.

Surprising new finding

The newest thing I’ve begun noticing is a slowing down of time. Weird, hey? … and kinda cool.

Like many, the older I get, the more time seems to fly. Hours, days, weeks and months speed by. A number of hypotheses have been posited about why this age-related phenomenon tends to happen – for example:

Why is intermittent fasting slowing down time?

The answer is probably a combination of factors, linked to the hypotheses from the two linked articles above.

Firstly, with brain fog gone I think my neurons are working more efficiently … in essence, I’m processing visual information faster, which I perceive as ‘more time’.

Secondly, with more energy I’m doing more and noticing more, which creates additional imprints on my brain, which I perceive as ‘more time’.

Whatever the causation, I’m glad to be experiencing things more acutely and being more ‘present’ during waking hours. It’s giving me more motivation to write, too, as I feel I can fit more writing time into each day.

I’m currently on 5 weeks leave from the office, so I will let you know whether my experience of slower days translates to slower weeks and months.

Photo by Mat Brown

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