My new novel, Dark Farm, is is now available in full on this site. If you’re a beta reader – or just someone with an interest in fantasy and horror – I’d love you to read my story and give me your honest feedback.

Departing from the social satire of Remember My Name, Dark Farm explores the shadowy side of science fiction fantasy. It takes place in the Lovecraftian universe and introduces a new cosmic threat: Kragn Z’garh Khrl’ur, Bringer of the Dark.

In Dark Farm, the first instalment of the Z’garh Khrl’ur trilogy, an immortal sorcerer enacts his plan to break open the seal between dimensions and take his place beside the throne of the Great Old Ones as they reclaim the Earth. Standing in his way are Kane Gates, his brother Dylan, a new arrival in Quorn, Arika Livingston, and a host of officials and soldiers (and a librarian) from the National Security Office.

The second instalment in the trilogy, Kragn Rises, is scheduled to be released in 2020. It follows Kane, Dylan and Arika as they battle new threats, both here on Earth and on Kragn’s doomed home world.

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