I’ve had some awful nightmares.

A few years ago, there was a period of a few weeks when I dreamt of being attacked by sharks almost every night. It got to the point where my worry about having the nightmare seemed to be what initiated it. The only way I stopped it was by realising (or subconsciously manipulating it) that sharks only appeared when I was lying on my right side. As soon as I turned over, the sharks disappeared. This was a huge relief, as the shark bites actually hurt!

A similar nightmare involved being chased by a man and stabbed with a knife. In some ways, this was worse than the shark attacks. I can still remember the sharp pain as the knife went into my stomach or sliced my arm. Thankfully I haven’t had that dream for a long time.

But bad as those nightmares were, the one that stands out in my mind as the most frightening and horrific I’ve ever had, was, on the surface of it, relatively benign. In the dream, I was outside on a grassy hill, the sun shining brightly. A group of young people wearing white muslin robes came running down the hill, joined hands and danced in a circle. Then a shroud appeared in the sky and descended on all of us. In an instant, everything went pitch black, and I knew the light had gone out of the world forever. Something malignant had found us, and we were doomed to live out the rest of our lives in eternal darkness.

Writing about it doesn’t come close to explaining the terror I felt. Perhaps that was what started the gears turning in my head. I thought: If losing all light and energy from the world feels so horrific, wouldn’t that make a great novel?!

Enter Kragn. A primal being who existed in the perfect order and darkness before the Big Bang, and wants nothing more than to go back to that state. Kragn hates matter, light, energy and life. He’s biding his time until He can destroy what is, and return it to what was. He’s what appeared in my nightmare and offered me a portent of what the rise of Kragn would bring.

So yes, nightmares do come true. At least in fiction …

(Or perhaps my nightmare was real. Perhaps Kragn is real, and all I’m doing is channeling Him. I’m almost too scared to ask … Has anyone else had this same dream?)

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