And when the black crow flies to find a new destination
That is the sign

Ogre Battle has been one of my favourite Queen songs since I was a kid. There’s something powerful and evocative in its slow build-up, thrashing guitars, screaming vocals and weird lyrics. And I love the backwards tracking and how it’s mashed up into the vocals and guitars. It comes as close to creating a movie in my head as any song I know.

Ogre Battle is from Queen II, an amazing collection of goth/horror inspired glam rock/metal, and my oft-time favourite Queen album. (It seems it was also Brian May’s favourite, at least when asked during one interview.)

For a track made in the early 70s, it’s remarkably prescient – think Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, all the Tolkien-inspired video games, etc. I’d love for someone to make a remake or two – if that’s at all possible! (Orchestral or synth would be good.)

It’s also interesting Ogre Battle (or a remake) hasn’t appeared in any movies I know of. I’m determined once Dark Farm becomes a movie, I’m going to rectify that. My battle scene doesn’t have ogres in it (they’re somewhere else at the time) – but I may have to bring them into the light so the song fits!

You can come along
You can come along
Come to ogre battle

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